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Friday, April 10, 2009

SSS Maternity Computation

3 more months and I am about to give birth. I was trying to search online on how to compute for the SSS benefit and I found this site. Hope this helps to all of you pregnants out there. I am not sure if this is up to Date because it was posted in the forum in 2oo7.


1.Exclude the semester of contingency (Delivery, Miscarriage, or Abortion) (Semester refers to two (2) succeeding quarters ending in the quarter contingency)

Expected Delivery:      November 16, 2004
Semester of Contingency:   July 2004 to December 2004

2.Count 12 months backward starting from the month immediately preceding the semester of contingency.

12 months:   2004   Jun   May   Apr   Mar   Feb   Jan   
Dec   Nov   Oct   Sep   Aug   Jul   2003

12-month period prior to the semester of contingency:   JULY 2003 – JUNE 2004

3.Identify and add the six (6) Highest Monthly Salary Credits (MSC’s) within the 12-month period preceding the semester of contingency.

Monthly Salary (JAN – JUN 2004)
January    – P 10,000      April       – P 10,000
February    – P 10,000      May       – P 10,500
March    – P 10,000         June       – P 10,500
Total Monthly Salary Credits:   P 61,000

4.Divide the Total Monthly Salary Credits by 180 days to arrive at the Daily Maternity Allowance.

Daily Maternity Allowance:   P 61,000 / 180   =   P 338.89

5.   Multiply the Daily Maternity Allowance by 60 for normal delivery or miscarriage or 78 days for cesarean delivery to get the total maternity benefit.
However, in case a member dies before the lapse of 60 or 78 days from the date of contingency, the number of days to be considered in the computation should be from the start of the employees maternity leave up to the day prior to the date of death.

Total Maternity Benefit:   P 338.89 x 60   =   P 20,333.40

Total Maternity Benefit:   P 338.89 x 78   =   P 26,433.42

You can also get MAT1 and MAT2 form here. 


  1. what if three months lang yun contribution ko from the 12 months period?

  2. Ask ko lang po if how much maternity benefit ang marereceive ko nanganak po ako ng Sept.30, 2012. Ceasarian po ako ang monthly contribution ko is from January 2012 uo to present.

  3. ask q lng po nanganak po aq oct.23,2013 mgkno po b mternity benefits mkukuha q ngstart po aq feb.2012,nov.2012 tpoz ng stop aq nd then nghulog ulit aq from april to nov..2013 mgkno po ba.

  4. parang mali po ata ung semester of contingency on your blog...

    sabi dito there are only four semesters:

    1. hi po pahelp nmn po my due date is on may 2014,,, from jan. To march 2013.. 233/month and may to oct. 2013,,, 366/ month contribution q how much is my maternity benefits?