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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Facial Wash, Toner and Moisturizer

Here's my new beauty regimen. A friend of mine in the office showed me brochure of Human Nature and decided to buy Nourishing Facial Wash and Face Toner. I use it along with Nivea Creme Moisturizer. I've been using this for a week now and my mom noticed the change in my skin :-). Before going to work I wash my face with facial wash and then put toner on. After the toner is dry I put Nivea and put my make up on after a few minutes. I also do this after work before going to bed. I will definitely continue doing this routine. I guess it doesn't matter which brand you use, just get the one you trust. This skincare routine is definitely effective.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shawn Nassaney Award - Q3 2016

Every quarter Schneider Electric recognize leader who did an exemplary work and they give this award called Shawn Nassaney. I was blessed for my hard work and dedication being recognized by the management and it really makes me feel valued as an employee. 

It was Q3 of 2016 that I won this award. I've been with the company for almost 9 years and this is the first time I got a trophy. I'm planning to display this on my station and I'm looking forward for more fruitful years with Schneider. 

To God be all the glory!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back to Blogging

Just checking and its been a while since I write a post. Its almost two years now and a lot has changed already. I would like to start posting again and I hope this is the start of it. Let see.....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jailbreak Iphone 3Gs to IOS 6.1.3

I don't have experience in doing this. I got my iphone second hand and is already in jail break. I believe my phone is in version 3 something. My son has an Ipad two that we reset to factory settings since my husband wanted to restart "Clash of Clan" and we cannot find an option. Then he encourages me to update the OS of my Iphone 3GS. With me no idea how to do jail break I just updated my iphone OS using Itunes. And take note I did not even created a back up (aw! huhuhu). Update went through with no error but now my phone no longer boots. I then searched in google overnight of what I need. I've done so many things, no idea of what jail break really is, no back ground at all.

I'm really not sure of whats the right step by step process that makes it successful but let me post here what I downloaded and what I think makes it successful. First I downloaded Redsnow 9.15b3 and iphone2,1_6.0 IPSW. Don't download 1_6.1.3 thats what I've searched online. 

Then I followed this link (you can click here) on how to do a jailbreak. During this process I encountered an error on the just boot, it hanged on reboot process. What I did is reset the phone by holding down both the power and home button and do the just boot again. (NOTE: Everytime you do a reboot you need to run Just Boot in redsnow). After the jail break next problem I encounter is I don't have signal. It shows no service or Itunes shows no sim. What I did is follow this link (click here). I restore my iphone first using Itunes, then do jail break again but since it already shows Bootrom of 6.1.5 I run jail break with check on Downgrade Baseband. No need to install Evasion, just install cydia and ultrasnow, don't install ultrasnow fix. After this I run just boot and put my sim card back. To my surprise it shows Globe Signal, yey!!! Bad thing though I lost everything, my notes, pics, contacts and apps. Good thing though is I can now install apps that doesn't work before with my old OS like facebook, candy crush, viber etc. Well it was a good experience, I remember I paid P800 to jailbreak my phone before. Now I can do it on my own. Be careful doing this since it can brick your iphone.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Start of Leadership

I've been so busy at work when I got promoted. It's been 5 months since my promotion but its only now I've start to feel how to become one (a leader). I was once an observer because my team was delayed due to business decision. I was given 6 agents for chat and email support while waiting for my own team. Not sure what is the real reason but my supposedly team was delayed again but this time with no date of when it will pursue or if I will even get that team that I applied for.

It's hard for me because when I moved to different LOB I don't have training. I came from a technical account and I moved to Order Management. This time no technical stuff, no troubleshooting. Though I processed order in technical support this time its different. It's more of taking care of the order and making sure our customer get it on time. Now I need to deal with new words like PO, Expedite, UPS (red, blue, orange), promised ship date, Cancellation of Order, Calling the plant, Status of order, Shipping status etc. Before complaints are "Why is my unit not working? ", "I don't want to do any troubleshooting just send me a replacement!" Now things are different, "Why did my order did not ship yesterday?", "What is the pricing and availability of this part?", "Where is this item manufactured?"

I just finished my training a couple of weeks ago and I started to feel more comfortable and accountable of my team. I started to better analyze our data. Feel the strictness of my boss (hirap ng nasasabon, hehehe) and started to make my team feel more of me. Now I need to make decisions not just for me but for my team and the company. I need to balance my decision and make sure the business is not affected. I knew I need to be there to support my team but I also need to follow rules and regulation. I need to have heart but more often than not I need to follow business rules rather than what I feel. (Hindi pwedeng nakakaawa kasi.) I need to be firm with my decision and there are times decision is something that you need to do impromptu. Its hard, tiring, mind boggling but I'm starting to like it.

I know there will be lots of struggles that I will encounter. Some would be discouraging and demotivating but I will never stop. I will never give up. I am an emotional person and this is the first thing I need to fight. When it comes to business you should not be controlled by your emotions. I just prayed that my heart would not be harden due to this. I pray to God to help me be a good leader at work and also at home. One thing I know for sure that I would not do. I will NEVER sacrifice my integrity for the sake of promotion or good things at work. I've waited 5 years to get this job with no hocus focus and I know I will succeed in doing things right. It might be slow but its sweeter. Like what I told some of my agents, "Do what is right and everything else will follow." Lord please be with me with this new journey of my life. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Answered Prayers

God is so amazing and his love is really unconditional. Even though I'm not a perfect servant I have lots of answered prayers that I'm really really thankful. I remember when we planned for a second child we prayed 
for a baby girl since my first born is a boy. We have Rhaine now who will be 4 years old this year. 

We used to live at my mother-in-law's house and we prayed for our own. Here we are now living at our own 
house for almost two years. 

I've been praying for a promotion at work and I just got promoted to Team Leader Post a few days ago. 

Thank you Lord for your love and guidance everyday, thank your for my family, thank you for everything. My next prayer is to have our own car. yey!!! To God be the glory!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fast Food Chain Service Crew Modus-Operandi

I've experienced this several times from different fast food chains like Jollibee, Chowking and KFC. As a consumer we should really count our change when we pay specially if our money is P500 or P1000 bill. Their modus-operandi is they would not count the change in front of you but would give it you folded along with the receipt. If your in a hurry or doesn't care thinking its exact then you can be a victim. Since I lived in Molino, Bacoor I've experienced this several times at SM Molino. My change lack P100 and I don't think its an accident since it happened several times. I'm not a type of person who makes a scene so I don't bother asking for a manager. It just happened to me again yesterday at KFC in SM Molino. I bought two pieces chicken for take out and my change should be P379 and she gave me P279. Good thing I checked it, when I told her it lacks one hundred I feel like she was surprised or maybe disappointed because her plan did not work. Imagine her manager was their and even asked her what happen, she just said she did not give the exact change. I'm not sure if the manager is aware of this but I'm thinking of maybe complaining if it happens again, hehe, (eksena ito). I guess service crew are not well compensated causing them to do this kind of business but it still bad and unacceptable. I hope upper management of fast food chains can do something about this. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Accessory to our Bathroom

Its a Christmas gift from my mom. She said she would like to give me a rectangular mirror that I can put in our living room. I told my mom I preferred to get a new mirror for our bathroom. We went to ace hardware and there we bought the mirror. I also bought a glass shelf as a partner. It looks really good and makes our bathroom more elegant.



Friday, January 25, 2013

My new Lip Balm and Mascara

Well as an Avon lady I keep on trying their product. I think they're pretty good because it makes me prettier and they notice it, wahehe.

Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Lip Balm, Simply Pretty Long Lash Waterproof Mascara and SuperCurlacious Mascara

I tried getting this lip balm to moisturize my lips. When I started using it my lips started to peel which makes me stop using it. My friend at work says its removing the dry skin on my lips. Hmmm I wonder if thats how it really works. I guess I'll try it if I am just at home and see if there is any changes after a while.

This is the brush of the SuperCurlacious

I love this mascara. I only wear mascara during special occasion but this one I use it everyday at work. The color is not that smudgy and not heavy. The simply mascara I haven't tried. I'll use it when my SuperCurlacious  run out.