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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Cook Kalderetang Buto-Buto or Ribs

I noticed that lots of people are viewing my post about Kalderetang Buto-Buto which is only a story about what happen during a fiesta. I really did not put anything on how to do it. So here it is for those who are looking for it.


5kl Buto-buto / Ribs
10pcs medium size onions (sliced)
1small crushed garlic
1 small bottle of pickle relish
3 big can of Reno liver spread
Chopped Siling Labuyo
salt and ground pepper
vinegar and soy sauce

How to Cook:

Cooked buto-buto in vinegar and soysauce, salt and peper until tender. Drain and separate. Saute onion and garlic. Make sure that the oil is enough that you can still add the buto-buto or ribs. But not too many that will make the food oily. Just enough that the ribs will not stick in the pan. Then add the pickles, reno, chopped siling labuyo (according to your taste). Add water using the can of big Reno (3 cans). Let it boil. Make sure to mix it once in a while. You can also add bell pepper and potatoes. My dad actually added tomato sauce. So its up to   you to make changes on this recipe. If you don't want it chili then don't add siling labuyo. My mom told me that it is the onion that makes this recipe yummy. You can add more onions if you like.

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