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Monday, November 29, 2010

Driver's License Renewal at LTO near Alabang Town Center

Two weeks ago I accompanied my husband to renew his driver's license. We live only few minutes going to 
Alabang Town Center so we went there instead of going to Las Pinas or Imus LTO. It cost us almost 1K for the drug test and for the renewal fee. It took us about two hours to finish everything. He now has his new license which would expire after 3 years. 

Next year we are planning to buy a 2nd hand car before we move to our new house. I hope our budget will be enough to get an old car or maybe an owner type jeep. I asked my husband if he still knows how to drive, he said it would be easy to recall once we have our own vehicle. I hope our plan will take into place and he will be able to use his new driver's license. ^_^


  1. only 2 hours? that's a significant improvement from my Alabang experience last 2009... it took me 4 hours (but I guess it's still better coz at Imus LTO, it always takes me 5 to 8 hours) =)

  2. Is it possible to acquire a Philippine driving license while i'm still in Australia through the Philippine embassy?

    By the way you may want to check out - an online reviewer for LTO driver's examination.

    And will they honor my Australian driver's license or do I have to go through the process from step 1.?

  3. WARNING: Dont deal with the name MARA at LTO Las Pinas. She took away Php4000 from me and unfortunately, my license hasnt been renewed. Im not the only person she scammed apparently. One of s complained and she put that person to jail for making a scandal. It's 4 months already and I still dont have it. :(

  4. Can i apply new licensed at alabang town center? Coz it says "alabang rebewal center".. Are they accepting new applucants?kindly help me coz ive heard a lot og rumors that alabang is the fast processed among the rest. Tnx